A Psycho-Situational Perspective

Cruelty is the product of the mind of a perpetrator, combined with the existence of an opportunity in which a cruel act can take place.

Millions of children and animals experience extreme abuse at the hands of 'guardians'. GHE is committed to finding solutions to eliminate these cruel behaviours across the world. 

This model focuses on the implementation of appropriate interventions that target both the mind of a perpetrator as well as the opportunity in which a cruel act can occur.

Education and protections can be implemented in every of the various abuses that take place. For example, a deliberate abuser may have the mental intention to harm a child but will not be able to do so if they cannot gain access to a child in a private location. Cruel acts cannot take place in factory farms if CCTV cameras are installed. Situations may be more difficult to avoid in private places such as the family home, where no one can see. This side of the project looks at how we can implement structural changes (such as social education) and practical techniques (such as school monitoring) so as to avoid private cruel acts.

Solving abuses requires the development of appropriate solutions and strategies for their realistic implementation in the particular case, as well as a way to monitor the implementation of the interventions.

MOSAC (external) is designed for mothers who have experienced the sexual abuse of one of their children.