Re-Establishing the Torah's Procedural Laws

In ancient times, legal functions relating to the Torah were carried out by Priests and Judges. 

However, in approximately 160BC, just before the destruction of the Second Temple, the Sadducee Priests began to introduce secular philosophies belonging to their Hellenistic aristocratic colleagues. 

Although the Pharisee Scholars were not Priests, they were not prepared to let the Sadducees distort the religion.

When the Sadducean Priesthood eventually fell apart, the Pharisaic Scholars replaced the Priests in the interpretation, creation and application of Jewish law. The Sadducee Priests and Judges of antiquity simply disappeared with the passage of time.

The Pharisaic tradition of Jewish legal administration has continued right up until the present day and is known as Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism.

The problem is, the Torah says all legal functions related to Jewish Law must be carried out by the Priests and Judges, not anybody else. In fact, laws made outside of the Torah's legal system are illegal.   

We must re-establish the original system of Torah Law. There is no Judaism without the Torah. Similarly, there is no Israel without the Torah - the Torah is what establishes Israel as a nation.

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