Eating to Combat Cancer


Cancer can be caused by environmental toxins like chemical cleaning and hygiene products as well as food pesticides and chemicals given to animals as part of factory farm production. Consuming animal products means consuming hormones, as well as meat that will invariably have had physical illnesses. Processing foods and cooking foods over boiling point destroys vitamins; making such meals wasted meals - they provide no health or toxin removal benefits. If people (with or without cancer) do not eat raw organic vegetables regularly, they will never get the nutrients their body needs.

Someone with cancer could have chemo, only to find they are still pumping their body with too many environmental toxins when they get home because they never thought of changing the products they use at home or continue to eat fish that has high lead and mercury content, for example. 

It's important to do an inventory of all possible toxin sources you are exposed to - do you come into contact with chemicals as part of your work or home routine? Do you know where your food is sourced from? People with cancer may have to move house if they live in an area with high levels of pollution.

People should consider detox and plant-based food diets that regulate acid-alkaline balance and also maintain a healthy gut. Cancer can't thrive in an alkaline environment although the body can't take high alkaline foods forever. Drinking lemon or lime juice every day (through a straw since acid rots the teeth!!) is a good way to keep the body relatively alkaline.

Every thing we ingest should be pure, healthy food and toxin removers. High doses of Vitamin C are good; organic guavas are the best natural source of Vitamin C there is. People should look into mushrooms, berries and seeds from around the world, as well as coal, chlorella, moringa and alfalfa etc.