How We Can Use UV Light to Kill Coronavirus


I recently discovered that places like hospitals and doctors' surgeries have been using ultraviolet light to kill viruses for years. The problem with UV light however (the UVC type is needed) is that it's harmful to the eyes and skin; it's like rays from the sun but stronger. So it's not possible to just plug in UVC light bulbs everywhere. There are, however, several ways in which UVC lights can still be used safely by the general public.

1. The first option I found is a small scale UVC 'wand', which people can pass over items like shopping and phones, pointing the light away from themselves while doing so.

2. Secondly, there's something called a 'room disinfection unit'. This is a sealed container that contains UVC lights inside. It works by sucking in air from the atmosphere, exposing it to the lights and then releasing the disinfected air back out into the environment. These should really be mandatory in schools, care homes and other public spaces.

3. Finally, there are UVC lights that come with remote controls and a timer function, so people can work the settings from a safe distance. What people have been doing is switching the lights on with a remote control while they're not using the room and using special sunglasses to avoid eye damage.

Not all devices are made equal and it's worth getting one from a proper company (and not a cheap knock off!). It's also important to check the safety precautions stated about the product and make sure the item officially works for viruses.

Take care everyone!