Israel/Gaza War


The conflict in Israel/Palestine that became severe following the 7th October 2023 attacks by Hamas, like many other global crises today, shows just how ineffective the international mechanism of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) currently is.

If Hamas staged an attack on Israel, the response is not for the Israeli Government to brutalise third-party civilians who were not involved. Those children were not involved but they have had their limbs blown off.

Such an indirectly targeted response reflects policies of bullying, fear-tactics and reckless and ruthless violence. The mass destruction of buildings and infrastructure follows clearly a pattern we are seeing obviously in many other countries. This is not a coincidence but hallmark of global political elites carrying out the same types of social destruction around the world.

This is an atrocious attack of brutal violence. The breaching of international rules with the bombing of hospitals and refugee camps. The defiance of UNSC resolutions on allowing food and aid to get to uninvolved civilians. Appalling crimes against humanity have become a daily occurrence yet the UNSC is doing NOTHING.

The mandate of the UNSC is to, "maintain international peace and security … cooperate in solving international problems … and be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations".

With one of currently only five permanent places on the UNSC (the US, UK, Russia, France and China), the US is pretending it has religious respect for an Israel that breaches its own Torah rules. Alone, on these, its 'own whims', the US is BLOCKING THE INTERNATIONAL NEUTRALISATION OF GENOCIDE.

This monstrosity is taking place in the land of Israel.

The United Nations – the collective politic of the world – must act to stop genocide NOW.