School Mass Shootings and Security


Protecting children from mass shootings in schools is a priority. Private companies are able to keep guns out of airports; they can prevent terrorists from entering presidential palaces and technologies are able to detect metal objects at distance. Gates can be built for purpose and security staff can monitor who enters a building. With facial recognition, it is easier to identify strangers in a crowd than ever before. 

Being shot at with a gun is probably the most frightening ordeal a child could ever go through. Infants are being routinely subjected to this unimaginable horror. Banning guns in America is an endless debate – but the issue could be solved more speedily by preventing guns from entering school premises. 

Why hasn't free market America installed security gates? And specialised school shooter security systems? Areas around schools must be monitored with CCTV by a centralised monitoring agency. Schools must have an additional member of staff who is trained in using a firearm.